Portrait Dr. Hans Messer

Economic success and humanity in harmony

Dr. Hans Messer was an exemplary individual in many respects: As a business he managed the company established by his father, Senator Adolf Messer, with vision and untiring dedication. As a result, the name Messer today still enjoys a top-class reputation in the field of industrial gases and welding technology. But Dr. Hans Messer also performed great achievements in a human sense through his commitment to community welfare.

Here are some of the highlights of his life:

1925: Hans Messer is born on 1 February in Frankfurt am Main.

1943: After passing his school-leaving exams, he is drafted into the army and experiences the end of the war based in Eastern Europe.

1946: Back in Frankfurt, Hans Messer supports his father with the reconstruction of Adolf Messer GmbH, destroyed in the war and is also responsible for the construction of the welding and electrode production plant and its sales.
Parallel to his work in the company, Hans Messer begins to study Economics and Chemistry at Cologne University.

A member of the second generation, Dr. Hans Messer managed Messer for almost five decades.

1948: Hans Messer marries Ria Kaiser and they have three children together: Thomas, Stefan and Andrea.

1952: Having completed his doctorate, Hans Messer joins the management board of Adolf Messer GmbH. Here he begins to rebuild old foreign connections again.

1954: After the death of his father, Dr. Hans Messer takes on sole responsibility for the management of the company and expands it in all areas nationally and internationally.

1964: Dr. Hans Messer makes a pathbreaking decision by joining Adolf Messer GmbH with the industrial gas activities of Hoechst AG. Messer Griesheim GmbH is formed – one of the largest international companies for industrial gases.

Dr. Hans Messer, long-standing President of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

1980: Dr. Hans Messer becomes President of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry and retains this position until 1990.

Seit 1980: Dr. Hans Messer acts as a consultant to the foreign chambers of commerce and industry in Switzerland, Norway and Croatia. His advice is also sought-after in social, scientific and cultural spheres, representative examples being Darmstadt Technical University, the “Rhein Main” tumor centre and the foundation for the Hochschule “St. Georgen” in Frankfurt.

1997: Dr. Hans Messer dies on May 20 at the age of 72 and is buried in Königstein.